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Imagine (John Lennon ukulele cover)

A cover on the ukulele of one of the late John Lennon’s Masterpieces “Imagine” I wanted to keep the arrangement simple. I didn’t wanna add too much chords, or flare, or anything that wasn’t necessary. The song is simple, with a simple yet powerful message about peace. Lennon is one of my favorite song writers …

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Ukulele Resurgence? Eddie Vedder – Can’t Keep – Ukulele Songs


If you weren’t a fan of Pearl Jam and the sounds they created but are a fan of the Ukulele – you’re going to really dig Eddie Vedders solo release Ukulele Songs. Without a doubt, Eddie spending so much time in Hawaii (Maui to be exact) has influenced this CD. Eddie will always be Eddie …

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Time to Get Laid – William Macy, Kate Miccuci Ukulele Duet


G Chord for Ukulele, Free Ukulele Lesson by Aaron Crowell

www.myuke101.com – Aaron shows you how to make an G chord for your Ukulele. Aaron Crowell from Hawaii Music Supply Tweet