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Imagine (John Lennon ukulele cover)

A cover on the ukulele of one of the late John Lennon’s Masterpieces “Imagine” I wanted to keep the arrangement simple. I didn’t wanna add too much chords, or flare, or anything that wasn’t necessary. The song is simple, with a simple yet powerful message about peace. Lennon is one of my favorite song writers …

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Ukulele Theory, Working with Scales – CAGFD Minor Chord Connection

Ukulele Theory, Working with Scales – CAGFD Minor Chord Connection Music theory is the study of how music works. It examines the language and notation of music. It seeks to identify patterns and structures in composers’ techniques across or within genres, styles, or historical periods. In a grand sense, music theory distills and analyzes the …

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Ukulele Resurgence? Eddie Vedder – Can’t Keep – Ukulele Songs


If you weren’t a fan of Pearl Jam and the sounds they created but are a fan of the Ukulele – you’re going to really dig Eddie Vedders solo release Ukulele Songs. Without a doubt, Eddie spending so much time in Hawaii (Maui to be exact) has influenced this CD. Eddie will always be Eddie …

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Time to Get Laid – William Macy, Kate Miccuci Ukulele Duet


The Jive Aces, Bring Me Sunshine – Ukulele Chords and Tabs

The Jive Aces are the UK’s top Jive & Swing band. Together for over a decade, this extremely popular six piece group have performed at thousands of festivals, theaters and events throughout the UK, Europe and USA, as well as Japan, Israel and the Caribbean, 30 countries in all. The Jive Aces are renowned for …

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Ukulele Chords, Fan Strumming and Mute, My Uke 101 Ukulele Lessons

www.huimusic.com – Aaron shows us some Cool Ukulele Chords, Fan Strum and Mute from the My Uke 101 Ukulele Lessons. Tweet