Ukulele Resurgence? Eddie Vedder – Can’t Keep – Ukulele Songs

If you weren’t a fan of Pearl Jam and the sounds they created but are a fan of the Ukulele – you’re going to really dig Eddie Vedders solo release Ukulele Songs.

Without a doubt, Eddie spending so much time in Hawaii (Maui to be exact) has influenced this CD. Eddie will always be Eddie with his profound lyrics, sound an performance availability, but dial down the sound and bring it to an organic form with an Ukulele and you have genius, IMO.

The Ukulele is enjoying a wonderful resurgence at the moment and the release of Ukulele Songs by Eddie is sure to brand the instrument into the mainstream un-plugged performance arena. My friend Aaron who is featured on My Uke 101 is saying that there is an increase in ukulele lesson requests that stems around more modern pop songs.

Though the Ukulele Songs release is one of the first by a mainstream rock artist (complete album) and is sure to bring new fans to the Ukulele, the last few years has seen a burst in the interest of the Ukulele because of sites like YouTube.  Anyone who has that Ukulele tucked away is now bringing it out, dusting it off and tuning it up.

Hundreds of Ukulele enthusiasts are crafting covers songs from their favorite artists. You can find ukulele videos with just about every major music style. From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to older traditional standards. It’s a wonderful time for the Ukulele. It’s a passionate instrument, held close you your heart and resonates with Aloha!