Aaron Crowell started playing ukulele in the 9th grade after finding out that the guitar class had been booked up (switched high schools midyear). Learned a few ukulele songs and went back to guitar not giving the instrument a second thought, about two years later his brother, Rustin decided he wanted to learn to play the ukulele.  Rustin then introduced Aaron to the Ka’au Crater Boys, after hearing Troy Fernandez play Aaron went full blown into playing ukulele. Teaching Rustin was his first foray into teaching.

Since then, Aaron has continued to play guitar, ukulele, bass in many different styles.  Including Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Hawaiian, Finger Style, Slack Key, etc.

Aaron started teaching at Hawaii Music Supply in 2007 after his friend and mentor, Todd
Adamski tricked him into it “He never would’ve done it if I let him think about it.” Todd would tell you if asked about how he got Aaron started teaching.  Since then Aaron has taught and learned from hundreds of students.

Aaron has since recorded on two compilation CD’s with Neos Productions, and has an instructional DVD “My Uke 101” with PMG Productions.  You can also find him on YouTube with over a million views under HawaiiMusicSupply.

Here’s another free Ukulele lesson video from Aaron

In this video Aaron does some free-form chord changes that show you the types of different vocings you can get with your Ukulele.